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01 - 05 SEPT 2021

About the Event

Welcome to the first Aavegotchi Gaame Jaam!
Aavegotchis are De-Fi backed NFT collectibles. The Aavegotchis unique SVG and traits exist fully on the Polygon Network, which allows any developer to fetch the users Aavegotchis to use as an ingame avatar complete with sideviews with a single contract call! The goal is the have an Aarcade of gaames which players can play and compete in to earn NFT rewards.


  • Game must use Web3 to be able to fetch and play as their Aavegotchis.
  • Be built in a web based framework (like Phaser) to allow for seamless Metamask integration.
  • Max team size of 4
  • Moralis prize pool requires the use of a Moralis tool
  • No building is allowed until AFTER the start time (15:00 PM UTC - 1st Sep)
  • (Owning an Aavegotchi isn't necessary for building the game)

Starter kit

Aavegotchi Phaser Templates are available so you can jump straight into building your game without any prior knowledge of web3.
Tutorial series can be used a point of reference, or to study up before the big day.

Taking part

Click on the register button to sign you or your team up for the Aavegotchi Gaame Jaam. You will then be sent an email invite to the Gaame jaams Discord channel, where you can chat, share and team up with other applicants.

Once applied, submit a link to a short 2 minute video demo of your game along with the link to the Github repo before the end date to be in a with a chance of winning big prizes! A link to the deployed game is also accepted but not necessary.

Voting Criteria


Use of Aavegotchi assets & style

How well you have made use of Aavegotchis existing assets, whether they be wearables, characters, alchemica etc. The game should stylistic feel like it could take place in the Reaalm.


Aavegotchi animation

Making use of the Aavegotchi's SVG and sideview SVG's to create custom poses and animations for the users Aavegotchis.



The use of music and sound to within the game.


Custom assets

The quality and use of custom made assets and how they stylistically fit with Aavegotchi.



Aavegotchi Lore

Does the game make use of prexisting areas areas in the Reaalm? Have you made use of narrative pieces from the litepaper? Has your game got its own story to it that could find a nice home in Aavegotchi cannon?


Use of crypto ecosystem

Does the game take advantage of the blockchain in more ways then building off of Aavegotchi? i.e does it connect to other NFT's or DApps on Polygon? Are there NFT or ERC20 rewards for reaching certain milestones?


Use of Aavegotchi traits to affect gameplay

Does the game make use of the Aavegotchis traits, collateral, wearables etc to create unique and compelling change in the gameplay.




How fun is the game? Once played do I want to play more?



Is the game fair for Aavegotchis of all stat distributions?


Strategical depth

Does the game feel repetitive in its actions? Or are you having to react differently to different situations? The higher the strategical depth, the harder it will be for someone to bot.



Does the game respond well to user actions? Does it run well?



How easy it is for someone to pick up and play? Does playing the game feel natural?



Wed, 1st September (UTC time)

14:00-15:00 PM

14:00-15:00 PM

Opening ceremony

A livestream to kick start the event in style! Aavegotchi summoner, CoderDan will introduce Aavegotchi NFTs and we'll also learn more about building on Polygon Network and Moralis. Voting criteria and submission details will also be explained. Expect good chat and all round good vibes.

15:00 PM

15:00 PM

Event start

And we're off! You can officially start working on your project.


Shreyansh Singh

Shreyansh Singh is one of the most instrumental individuals in bringing scaling solutions to the Ethereum ecosystem. As Marketing Lead at Polygon Network he lead one of the largest B2B onboarding campaigns in the industry's history and is now laser focusing this passion on Polygon's fast growing NFT gaming and virtual world initiatives as head of Polygon Studios.

Ivan on Tech

Ivan is an international speaker, educator, developer and data scientist. Ivan’s YouTube channel Ivan on Tech has become an international phenomenon, spreading blockchain knowledge all over the world and accumulating over 450,000 subscribers.


The leading advocate for "No NFT, No Play" introducing the world to the NFT gaming revolution on youtube.com/cagyjan. He also hosts the weekly program NFT ARCADE on LadzCity Network and is the first Youtuber to share his earnings with core followers through NFT rewards.


CEO, Lead Summoner and Big Boss as Pixelcraft Studios. He is also known for his lead role developing the first ERC721 staked with ERC20s NFT platform, Bullionix. Dan is a tier 1 growth hacker leading Aavegotchi’s initial growth.


Coyote's story starts as a humble community Aarchitect where he was soon chosen by Coderdan to transcend into the Pixelcraft team and become a dedicated full time Developer Evangelist. He now spends his time creating tools, templates and tutorials for the Aavegotchi community.


Total of $10,000 worth of GHST split between 2 categories.
+ BONUS XP for all participating Aavegotchis



1st - $3000

2nd - $1500

3rd - $500



1st - $3000

2nd - $1500

3rd - $500

+ 25 XP for all participating Aavegotchis


This event has been made possible thanks to these big names in the crypto space

MoralisPolygonPolygon StudiosPixelcraft


There was 25 submissions in total. Click the button below to see applicants, demos and play some games.

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